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Apple iPhone scam charges £30 to fix phone, but here’s how to fix it yourself!

Apple users are being warned about a new scam that freezes the Safari internet browser and forces them to pay up to £30 to get it fixed. Although this threat is new to the UK, it has been reported by the daily mail that it has been affecting the US for the past nine months. According to reports online users get a “crash report” message whilst browsing using the Safari App that says: “Due to a third party application in yourphone. IOS crashed Contact Support for an immediate fix “phone number removed” (Toll Free) immediately!”.



Some tips to help spot a fake crash message are the following:

  • This error message has clear spelling mistakes and it is highly unlikely that a real apple error message would contain spelling mistakes.
  • Most legitimate crash messages will contain an error code to help you identify the issue. This error message just gives you a phone number to call.
  • If you get an error message on your phone you should always research it first. If it is genuine it is more than likely to have happened before and you will be able to get help. If it is a scam message you will likely find information telling you it is fake.

How to fix your phone if you get this message:

  • Enter the settings menu on your device
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Still in the settings menu go to “safari” and click the button to clear your internet browsing history and cookies.
  • Press the home button and go back into safari, the error message should now be gone.
  • Go back to setting and turn off Airplane mode.

This forum thread on the apple website helps explain another users experience with this issue and how they have resolved it. 

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