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Hallidays IT - Work from any device in any location with our hosted desktop and hosted VDI services.
Mobility is key for business success but just as important is data protection. How would you feel is someone told you they could help you to work from any device in any location, without compromising your data security? Well.......you can. Our hosted desktop & VDI solutions give you ultimate mobility and all of your critical business and client information never leaves the data centre. Backed by our 99.95% up time SLA and our expert team, you can expect to be 100% productive, 100% of the time.

Key Features

Hallidays IT - VDI desktops As new performance - Our VDI desktops give every user a new desktop and computer every morning meaning you get "new" computer performance whenever you log in. It makes no difference if the device you log in from is slow, once connected the performance is as new every time.
Hallidays IT - Providing the best hardware at excellent prices Continuity - No change management or difference for your users. Desktops are provisioned using a Windows operating system meaning your team are presented with the interface and applications they are used to. Everyone stays productive with minimal disruption. This means less training time spent on teaching users a new program and more time earning money for you business.
Hallidays IT - Easy as 1, 2, 3 Always up to date - Your desktops come with all of the latest Microsoft licensing meaning Windows, Office and other Microsoft programs can be upgraded for no additional cost. You will always have the latest features and up to date with the latest security patches, allowing you to keep up to date on vulnerability patches
Hallidays IT - Integrate you IT with your POS and with your Accounts Mobility - Increase your productivity with access to each and every business application whilst on site, at home or if you really need, while on holiday. Your desktops can be accessed from almost any device in any location, as long as you have an internet connection you are good to go, allowing you to work as efficently as you would at the office, anywhere.
Hallidays IT - Keeping track of your business is easier than ever Security - Your data is stored in our secure UK data centres and never leaves. All connections to your remote desktops are made into the system, the only information travelling across your connection is screen refreshes and user input. No more lost USBs, no more loss of data. This eliminates any potential security threats from losing USBs with private client data on it.

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