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Hallidays IT - Protect your mobile devices and information falling into the wrong hands
Mobility in the workforce is now common place in the age of cloud computing and mobile devices. But just how do you protect your business whilst keeping your workforce happy? Our mobile device management covers all mobile smart phones and portable tablet devices and can keep you in control even without any physical access - send messages, block access and even remote wipe if required; Mobile Device Management protects your business in all areas.

Key Features:

Hallidays IT - Manage your mobile devices from one web portal Web login - As well as being able to call us, our fully accessible customer side portal gives you transparent access to our service. Our engineers follow up all alerts and then make notes where needed that you can review. Our performance overview allows you to see how your monitored devices are working and the transaction log allows you to review every command that has been sent to your devices..
Hallidays IT - Providing the best hardware at excellent prices Up to date information - Our MDM software gives you an overview of all managed devices giving you access to information such as ICCID and IMEI numbers. You can also view device details such as make, model, storage, battery status etc.
Hallidays IT - Remote Wipe gives you complete control over your company information. Remote Wipe - Our device wipe feature gives complete peace of mind in the event that your device is lost or stolen. Simply log onto the web portal, select your device, and select remote wipe. All of the information business or personal is gone in a matter of minutes.
Hallidays IT - Integrate your IT with your POS and with your Accounts Remote Lock - Lost your device but have a general idea of where it is? Unsure if your information is at risk from being viewed by others? Our remote lock feature allows you to lock your device from any location.
Hallidays IT - Manage your devices anytime, from anywhere! Create your own policy - Policy based management allows you to set up profiles for VPN, Passcode Lock, Wi-Fi, E-mail and ActiveSync accounts and apply them to any device, saving you time and resource.

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